The recent events have been really difficult for all of us, in Israel and around the world. We’re all sad and could use a comforting hug. But, to make things better, we want you to send a hopeful picture to a loved one to make them smile.

Sigal Rak Vlente

Assaf Zur

Sharon Mass

Giselle Dekel

Efrat Hasson de botton

Ayelet Gad

Sharon Refael (Thales)

Shaul Cohen

Talya Agayof

Izhar Cohen

Shay Pery

Shira Giladi

Tal Batit

Tamar Zolberg

Omer Milwidsky

Adi Radai

Gil Zablodovsky

Amnon Lipkin

#TAG Ruben Karapetyan

Liran Vardial

Michal Mass Bachar

Kalanit Malkin

Maayan Golan

Karin Angel

Studio Knob

Liana Navon

Jerry Shai Sarig

Merav Zimler

Ido Grinberg

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